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17 Foods Every Weight-Watchers Need To Eat

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Losing weight is hard which is why most people resort to products advertised as instant weight loss remedies. Not only are these usually unhealthy and costs precious cash, but some are also even considered unsafe for some people. Why go for the artificial way when you can always trim your weight down the healthy road?

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To cut down some pounds and get into good shape, exercise alone is sometimes not enough. A healthy diet is also essential. But what are the best foods recommended for people who want to lose weight?


Not many are a fan of this fruit, but what most people fail to realise is that this is actually a superfood for those who like to lose weight. These are actually rich in fat and fibre combo that helps avocado lovers have a slimmer waist and a lower BMI. Add them fresh to your taco, sandwich or salad and enjoy.


Green Tea Matcha contains more antioxidants and caffeine than your ordinary green tea. This premium green tea powder helps boost metabolism, burn calories, lower blood sugar and cholesterol and also enhances mood and ids in concentration. If you want a more potent drink to aid your weight loss, then Green Tea Matcha is the answer to your prayers.

Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

Packed with protein and probiotics, eating non-fat Greek yogurt will help you satisfy your taste buds without the extra calories. Serve it with fresh fruits or top on your baked potato for a yummy and filling treat.


Almonds are rich in fibre, Vitamin E, protein, healthy fats and magnesium. Eating almonds can help lower your blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels as well as your blood pressure. Another benefit of almonds is that they help reduce hunger which makes them an excellent snack for weight watchers. Add them to your greek yogurt, granola or bag a handful as an emergency snack.

Whole Eggs

Before, many believed tons of myths and misconceptions about eggs. But now, recent studies claim that they are one of the best foods to eat when dieting since they are packed with nutrients needed for a calorie-restricted diet. With their ability to suppress appetite, they can aid you to achieve your goal.


This little tree-like veggie is rich in soluble fibre which helps excrete cholesterol out your system quickly. Eating broccoli helps improve digestion, maintain a healthy digestive tract, excrete toxins out of your body. Sneak them into your pasta or simply steam and toss them into your favourite dishes and you’re good to go.

Brown Rice

If you love rice, stick to the brown ones as these are the type of good rice rich in phytonutrients. Brown rice has fibre, fat-burning resistant starch and antioxidants. It can also make you feel full while being low in calories. Want better rice than brown rice? Pick up a bag of black rice next, and you’ll get more antioxidants than any blueberries can give.

Beans and Legumes

Beans and legumes are a favourite among weight-watchers because they have a high fibre content, helps you feel fuller for longer hours thus controlling hunger. Many also link beans as well as legumes with reducing LDL cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and even reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds are a big hit among celebrities and the reason why is clear. They may seem tiny and innocent seeds, but these are packed with fibre, calcium, potassium, omega-3s and magnesium. Add them to your greek yogurt, thicken your pudding using chia seeds, add them to your oatmeal or even blend them up with your favourite smoothies.


Good news for coffee lovers! A study once concluded that coffee drinkers have about 16% higher metabolic rate than those who don’t drink a cup of caffeinated java daily. It only means that it can speed up your metabolism while burning more calories just by drinking your favourite drink – just be mindful of your extras. Drink it, add them to your food or even slather them on your meat.


Want a slimmer waist? Stock up on strawberries! Yes, this yummy fruit contains flavonoid which has many antioxidant effects, aids in weight loss, reduces risks of developing chronic diseases and even reduce inflammation.


This one is old news but is still worth mentioning. Oatmeal is the go-to diet when reducing weight as it can give you the feeling of a full tummy. Not a fan of the plain and boring oatmeal? Add fruits, nuts a splash of almond milk for better-tasting oatmeal.

Chilli Peppers

That’s right! Chillies can help with your metabolism by increasing your body’s fat-burning ability. These are also a good source of Vitamin C, so go ahead and add them to your favourite meal.


Ever heard of this Korean condiment? It is a spicy fermented cabbage eaten along with other Korean dishes. Not only does it taste good, but it also contains tons of probiotics, vitamins A, B, and C.


Lemons taste great with just about anything- even water! It contains pectin fibre, which is known to have a filling effect, making you feel full and fight off hunger. So, go ahead and put lemons on your water, or make your tea, veggies and salad with a squeeze of lemon juice as a filler.

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Peanut Butter

As a great source of protein and healthy fats, peanut butter can be part of your healthy diet. Just make sure to read the labels. Choose one that only has peanuts and salt, and steers clear from a bottle with added sugar.


Not a fan of mushrooms? This might just change your mind! Mushrooms, especially the portobellos mushrooms can regulate your blood sugar, help you exercise longer and balance your hormones better. They have very few calories and are fat-free veggies, giving them a VIP pass to any weight-watchers diet.

No matter the reason behind your need to shed some pounds, these healthy foods can help you achieve your goal. Just remember to eat only the right amounts to achieve the best results, and don’t forget about regular exercise!